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Your a ghost hunter.. sounds simple right? until your faced with a job with the same horror that terrorized you in the past.. or.. is it something else?

Controls: WASD like always + Right Click for zooooom

Hope ya'll enjoy, i made this game in less than a week so its a bit buggy, i know basically everyone will say this game is very random.. but you must understand that, that's the point of it. Hope you enjoy :)

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Published 8 days ago
TagsHorror, Psychological Horror, Survival Horror

Install instructions

Just download and press play no zip required :)


Memories (Full Version) 365 MB


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Warning potential Spoilers below, Do not read below if you haven't played yourself. 

I'm currently doing research for my first game by playing a ton of indie horror games on Itch.io. I just wanted to give you some feedback of what I thought of your game!

The things I noticed:

I loved the scene with the red crosses on the walls and the horror music. Great atmosphere. Only issue I had was, there wasn't really a threat. I would have liked an enemy to run away from there. 

Zoom mechanic, Did that do anything? I didn't notice it doing anything other then looking farther. 

Could have done without the random jump scare near the end. Just me though. 

Ambiance changes throughout were cool, I wish I could get a sense of the layout of the house though. It was a little bit repetitive and random. 

Overall, Nice job! 

this game is great for what it is I think the only problem is the lighting its really dark witch did add to the scares but I had to follow the wall for some parts but other than that for being made in a week its great it feels more spooky than actually scary but that's not a bad thing. and overall it never glitched for me I don't think, and the graphics remind me of flash era horror games that used real pictures its like weirdly nostalgic to look at (last stand union city is a good example of what I mean) but yea for what it is I say it gets a 8 or 7 out of 10 especially if its just one person making it. if you want to check out my full playthrough/reaction here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate you and have a good day regardless

thanks for playing loved the video my dude!!

Fun game, little scary, very random, and the scp reference at the end gave me Vietnam war flashbacks thankyou for the experience and I can't wait to see more from you!


thanks so much for playing means a lot :)

Climatic Nonsense horror

thanks for playing :))

I screamed. A lot. 

thanks so much for playing loved the video

Venerate! you did such a good job man! I loved it! I also loved my jump scare lol, so funny XD
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LolInteresting game. Some truly bizarre and random moments. I liked the sudden shifts in scenery.  If you get a chance please check out my video. Any likes / subscribes the better :)

thank you :))


thank you very much :)



thanks :)

i really just got jump scared this game is really cool

thanks for playing man it means a lot!! Glad you enjoyed it :)

no problem man anytime and my discord is XLooper#4015


Just a fucking horror, screamer straight fire, I recommend))

I like what was done for the full version, good work.

A huge improvement from a strange dream! Fantastic demo, I’m excited to play more!

thank you very much Ramsey!! I’m def hyped to get the full version out :)

full version is out :)

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

Hi Venerate, this is the third game I have played from you and I have a bunch of advice when it comes to games that have taken inspiration from P.T. The storyline seems quite alright except that it would be good if you add a lot of things in the house that are creepy and good for the player to interact with as currently, besides from walking into doors and a few visual images, the game is a little dull for now. I think it would be cool if you can interact with objects and enter the ghost's past like experience what the ghost when through but that's up to you. This kind of game requires a lot of storytelling and addition of items that the player can interact with and even objects that change signs whenever you enter the room again. For instance, the grandfather's clock would be pointing to 6.66pm or anything like that after you entered the same room multiple times. The appearance and design of the ghost matters as well, since you will be relying on the ghost to scare the player as well as sound effects and atmosphere.

I believe that I encountered a glitch somewhere in the middle of my video where I had the same text message appearing again and there was no audio. However, I still managed to complete the game so maybe you can check that out.

So far, the game is quite spot on with the sound effects in my opinion but it would be cool if you are able to design the ghost instead of using the black figure LEL. I would love to see how the game turns out when it is done so do inform me when you have completed it :). For your first time making a game like this, it is quite well done and I hope to see the full game soon.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

I appreciate it man, I’m happy for all the support your giving me and the advice you’ve given!

Nice, looking forward to playing the full game.


Thanks for playing man! Full version coming out soon!

full version is out :)


full version is out :)

Nice little horror game, few good jump scares and a story that I'd be keen to see go into further. Assets like the doors could be at least better placed, but considering it was made in 11 hours it is forgivable. haha. I'd really like to see this game go further and expand into a more fleshed out game with full story. Good work!

Thanks for playing im glad you enjoyed it!

it was a good experience! Keen to see more from you!

full version is out :)