A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in under one week there might be a few glitches and bugs

Gameplay is 5-8 minutes


A Strange Dream 2 is a sequel to "A Strange Dream". Something strange is happening and it's not just brain damage it's something more... sinister..

yes a third part will be released :)

Install instructions

Just download :)


A Strange Dream (Full Release).exe 331 MB


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Thank you for reaching out and asking me to play your game, I had a blast!

This game was quite amazing must I say! I loved it! Thank you for recomending it to me :D 

yay loved the video my guy!!

This Game was really fun and the story is really good can't wait for the ending.

thank you man means a lot!!

Had fun, waiting for part 3.

Haha it’ll twist your head

hello :) part 3 is out!!

I like this one a whole lot more than the first. Good job bro! Dunlap's dubbing was hilarious lol

Hell yeah dude! I loved it! I liked how good it looked and the amazing twist at the end! Also you definitely have to keep in the one magazine, I like it ;) lol. I can't wait for the next one!!

Great demo I invite you to watch my channel and if you like to subscribe! Until next time

Sounds good I’ll watch it fs thanks for playing my game!!

hello!! :) part 3 is out!!

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I saw your comment on one of my Youtube videos and since you asked me to play it, here I am :). So basically, the game is about a strange dream and the game making use of various random events, has managed to achieve the goal of a strange dream XD. It would be better if the main characters' house had specific things to interact with so that we can know more about the character? In fact, you can even create a storyline (or maybe you already have something in mind) where all the dreams that the main character experienced our somehow related to him in real life. I liked the fact that there was voice acting but it would be cool if there was a physical animation for the player to sleep, close his eyes, eat medicine, walking to see the doctor etc. It would certainly enhance the experience. The shooting of zombies really caught me off guard XD.I hope to see more player interaction and maybe more context if possible. If not, just keep to the randomness of a strange dream XD.

I would love to see the next part of strange dream in the near future so do notify me if you come out with "A Strange Dream 3".

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Thank you so much your the first person other than my close friends to really give me a detailed view on the game! It’s my second game that I’ve ever developed that’s why there’s still a lot I need to learn but I reall appreciated that!! Thanks so much for playing my game :)

hello!! A part 3 was released :)

Bro you did really good on this one !!!! I freaking loved it!

thank you so much!! I’ll start developing A Strange Dream in a couple of months :)